Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Field Trip!!

Today we went on a field trip to our local newspaper. It was such an awesome trip!! If you have a local newspaper where you live I highly suggest seeing if they have a tour. Ours had a free tour and at the end we got the Sunday comics and pencils. I really learned a lot about how many steps it takes to put a newspaper together and the HUGE cost of the paper and ink! Geesh!! It was unreal how much they cost and then you are still able to buy them under $1 - well, except for on Sunday's. 

We have several field trips coming up and I am thrilled! I love learning new things - I guess that is why I got a degree in education.  Take me to a museum and I am having so much fun! My husband says all the time that I don't know how to go on vacation. When we go I am looking up all the places we can visit.  Crazy but it makes me happy and my daughter is the same way. Poor hubby doesn't stand a chance! Lol !

On the work front we are half way finished with this school year and I feel stronger then ever that this is going to be my last year. I don't want to have to be locked in my room all day, worry about someone coming in to shoot us or even work with armed people in an ELEMENTARY school! I am so sad that we can not allow them to be children anymore. It breaks my heart that a 5 year old has to know what a lockdown is and how to hide if they happen to be in the bathroom. I don't know that I could listen to a 5 year old in the hall screaming let me in and not open the door because there is a chance that someone with a gun is waiting. I don't want to have to sacrifice 1 to save many.

Please pray that God will open the door for me to be able to give up my job as a public school teacher and concentrate on homeschooling. I am so stressed every day I go to work and that is sooo not good!!

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